About this Summer school

This is a five-week-long Summer School that aims to teach you how to develop complex Java applications using Spring Boot.

Participants will go through a self paced online course during the week and communicate with the Senseis online during the whole course. This goes on for 5 weeks, starting from July 18th. In these 5 weeks, you will learn Spring Boot and other nice things about Java enterprise development. As a final showdown, we have a 48h hackathon to put your progress to a test and create something fun together.

The course is free of charge. Also, you get a chance to apply for a job at AGENCY04 at the end, if you fancy that.

Summer school schedule and important info:


Group’s first (online) meeting is on July 18th


During the first meeting, each participant gets a personal mentor, Sensei


Every Saturday you get an assignment which gets reviewed personally


Work, mentorship and reviewing is online


Hackathon takes place: Aug 22-23

Check how it was last year

How do I qualify?

The only thing you need to know is how to code in Java. Everything else can be learned during the workshop or prior to it.

You can submit your application via this form.